Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Facebook Encounter....!!!!!!

Morning hours are usually rush hours....but this particular morning Neha sat on her computer to log in and check her Face book account.....its been ages since she opened her particular reasons really for doing so today.....just something out of the routine since today time was on her side and it was not a rush hour......she looks through what she missed and who were there on her friend's list......and suddenly she sees some one online.....a person who had been on her list for a long long time but never had the opportunity to even exchange a hello and today with time in her hand she buzzed a hello and promptly a reply was sent......and then time flew for a was like catching on what ever was missed ......and then both had to leave as they had to  catch up with their day's activities.....goodbyes exchanged and a promise to get back.......Neha could not believe this.....but she was happy with the encounter.....the day was different all of a sudden......the sky never looked more blue.....the sun was never so bright.....she left and got on with her work impatiently waiting for the next hour when it would be possible to catch up...lots to talk .......boy since the last time they had met....but then, time and situation was it was more a one to one talk....."sometimes the internet is a wonderland"......thought Neha........and silently thanked science.......and this was entered into her diary......but of course time would say if there would be more to fill up the other pages of her diary.....!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let It Go......!!!!!!

A beautiful writing given to me by a friend and am told its a passage based on Rev.21:5.I read it several times and thought this deserves a place on Nitusthots so that my friends can also read and appreciate these meaningful wordings.

" If you are holding to something that does not belong to you, and was never intended for you life........then you need to let it go.

If you are holding on to past hurts and pains......let it go.

If some one cannot treat you right , love you back and see your worth.....let it go.

If you are holding on to some thoughts of evil and revenge........let it go.

If you have bad attitude, then ......let it go.

If you keep judging others to make yourself look better......let it go.

If you are stuck in the past, then........let it go.

If you are struggling with the healing of a broken relationship, then.....let it go.

If you keep trying to help someone who will not help himself,then.....let it go.

If there is a particular situation that you have been so used to handling yourself and God is saying take your hands off it, then you need to........let it go.

Let the past be past,forget the former things,God is trying to do a new thing."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Surprise Call.......!!!!!

The day started on a usual note for Maria.....5.10am the alarm goes.....a quick walk around her area....her first morning cup of tea that she so much looks forward to....a time that she spends alone.....preparing herself for a hectic day ahead....sometimes going back in time recalling those happy moments and at times also remembering some terrible memories that she brushes off in a hurry.....she sits in her balcony looking up towards the sky......would it be a sunny day ???? would it rain????.....all those thoughts in her alloted ten minutes and then its all over. The morning rush starts.....and by evening back home exhausted !!!! But last evening ended on a different note.....the ring of her cell phone brought her the biggest was a friend that she lost touch with.....they talked and she was actually touched when he took out his diary and read out what he wrote about her in the past months.....she was surprised to see that he thought her worthy enough to write about her and give her space in his diary.....or even remembered her in those long past months.....and as they keep the phone,promised to keep in touch now....she truely beleives in the saying that its not important how many waves are there in the sea.....what is important is how many waves touches the shore.....
And I believe in this too....we can have many friends in our life time......what is how many of them touches your heart....!!!!! I thank all my dear friends who have stood by me and have made a difference in my life.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Emotionally Raped......!!!!!

Stealing a peep into Ananya's Diary.....

Ananya writes....

" The death of my soulmate....."

By death here I dont mean the literal meaning of death where a person stops breathing......I mean when a person whom you consider closer than your shadow is suddenly erased off from your life......for some reason that at the end of the day you are still reeling under the impact of it and wondering how and when did that bond just snap ???.....and the emotional blow that hits you , is may be worse than the nuclear bombs that hits humanity.An emotional turmoil that goes on in your mind.....where the nights seems endless....may be never to see day break again and a ghastly feeling in your gut that from now on you will be walking with out your shadow following suddenly find yourself naked and vunerable to the outside world......The stab at the back was so severe , that the soul has been wounded forever.... will it ever heal ?????
Ananya stands on the sea shore, recalling the events of the past year....and as she watches the big wave snatch away her soul mate forever from her.....not once did her mate looked back at her.....she stood alone speechless.....helpless....and lost......emotions all drained.....her soulmate died forever !!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Religion Debated.....!!!!!!

Time and again people have debated on the issues of religion and now with the print and electronic media , we come to know more of the opinions of a cross section of people , both who have done extensive studies on the subject and also from the common crowd.
I obviously fall in the common people thoughts and my views are simple and most ordinary. So recently when I was at a gathering, my colleagues were discussing everything from the Bharat Bandhs to the fast changing weather of Shillong to the recently concluded IPL and finally to the more recent NDTV program me by Barkha Dutt on Muslims. It didn't take long for the discussion which started on a casual manner to turn more personal....the " I-I....MY-MY " types. Verses from the Holy books were quoted and unquoted and I became a silent listener, till one of them asked my opinion. What could I say ??? How could I say that religion for me is humanity, that if I wanted to feel the presence of God and if I were to follow the popular belief that to pray we had to go to the holy shrines, I could walk into any temple or church or for that matter to a mosque if i was allowed to be with Him. Personally I absolutely believe and if I am allowed to quote here from a movie that there are only two types of people in this world , the good and the bad. Yes I believe in this very strongly. I believe that the world has two ends of everything....good people and the bad people....positive and negative.....right and the wrong.....You believe in the supreme power in what ever form you imagine Him in or you don't believe in Him at all.I either give 100% to you or I don't at all....I either do my work sincerely or if I don't feel like working today I take a day off.Everything for me is on either end of the pole....just like the sun sign I belong to....both the fishes facing to both extremes.
So religion for me is just a pathway to reach out to Him. I don't care much on how He looks or what His followers wears. I am deeply spiritual in my own way. I have equal respect for my Jew brother as much as I have for my Christian sister. I would wish Ed Mubarak to my Hindu friend and a Happy Diwali to my Muslim friend and I have great friends who would wish me back too.So am not able to understand the complexities of the word "Religion". I ask myself we all believe in One God, then why this fight about how I should seek Him ???? After a heated discussion I was once asked "what did your God do for you ????" Goodness what is your God and my God???? I was much younger then,just out of school. I didn't have the maturity to take such a question in a diplomatic way. So I came home and cried and thought how dare some one asks me a question like that??? Today I would have laughed at the same question because today I stand more firm in my belief and I know He is my Potter while I am the clay in His Hand. He molded me and this is where I stand today.
My colleague snap me off my thoughts and I just look at them and say nothing. I say goodnight and take my leave along with my views.

( This post is dedicated to a friend of mine whom I had met 3 yrs ago on this day whom I believe is the one person who would understand me on this . )

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Page From A Diary.......!!!!!!

Dated Forever...... My days with Pooh !!!!

Pooh and I met by of those things in life that just happens with no explanations. You could call it destiny. Our friendship initially saw all the highs and all the lows ......and many a times it lay threatened on the brink of a breakdown following a stormy session of arguement. But we would come out of it....and on my part emerge even stronger with the bond growing even deeper.....and before long Pooh became an inseparable part of me and my life.....a friend sent in by God himself.....the one person I had always thirst for and so needed. I share the most amazing it a mental connection. I could hear....see....smell....touch.....and feel my friend even if thousands of miles stretch in between us. My day started and ended with world was dreams were of Pooh. Such was my passion, loyalty and dedication involved in our friendship. We would laugh, cry , fight and then make up again. Days rolled out into months and months into years. I was happy in my small world and wanted nothing more. The more I gave in the friendship....the less it was I thought.....I needed to give more. It was the best phase of my life.....for I had a friend by my side, standing with me.....ONLY FOR ME. Then one day, a dark cloud , suddenly appeared on a beautiful bright blue sky.....threatening a down pour. I could feel the ground slipping from under my feet as I struggled to stand on my shaky legs ....tears rolled down my cheek.......I could see the dark cloud embracing Pooh.
As I stood and watched .....I was left with only one question in my mind ......What did I do to deserve this ???????

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Broken Fragments.....!!!!!!

The phone rang and the most ordinary day, turned an extra-ordinary one for her. She heard the voice , on the other end saying " I am here ! ". Her legs gave way . Was it really true ?!!!! Well it was and the next 24 hrs passed away faster then the blink of her eye lashes. So much to much to talk about.........but time was too short. Before long, it was time to part. As she stood waving a good bye, she felt a part of her lost forever.......... tears came down with out a warning........ she sat down to pick up the broken fragments of her heart.......!!!!!!