Friday, July 25, 2008

Sun Set .........

This is a picture of the setting sun I took a couple of days back from our balcony. The sky looked so beautiful that I simply had to capture it on my cam and share it here.The evening sky looked as if Mother Nature decided to paint it herself.....the different shades of greys and oranges it possible to get such vibrant colours from the man made paints we get in the market????? Well should ask Mr. M.F.Hussian about it.

nituscorner: life is a journey

nituscorner: life is a journey

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Salute......

There are a lot of things that we take for granted in life, comfort is one of them. So when I got married to a uniform man I was spoilt to no ends right from the start so much so that I forgot that the security aids we have with us at home are the same soldiers who guard our country. As the years rolled by my husband was posted to many different places and each new place brought in new experiences. By then we were blessed with a lovely baby and my little one started travelling when he was barely 5 months.
During this time our posting was in one of the very difficult areas. I saw what life was like for a soldier when I went over in one such visits. Every morning my husband would brief his men before they left for their duties and each briefing would be like d last briefing as if there was no tomorrow. I looked into each soldier's face and wondered what each one of them must be thinking as they leave their temporary abode. All had families back home.... many had pregnant wives and lived with the hope that next time he went home he would see an additional member in the family......while some had ailing parents who had all their hopes pinned on their sons. Every one would leave the camp thinking that may be it was the last time they were seeing their friend's face or many be it was the last supper they were sharing together. Their blank faces hid the mental agony.
During my short stay , not a single evening passed when dinner could be taken peacefully. Even a tyre puncture in the distant night brought my husband and his men to take positions. Our suitcases were kept always packed. Every night I went to bed thinking whether I would be getting up in the same place in the morning . My husband escaped an ambush several times by God's grace. Not every one can get so lucky.
Security was becoming claustrophobic for me. Many a times we had to change plans in the last moment for security reasons. Even a brief visit to a friend's place had to be planned very discreetly and when i finally did manage to go I had five vehicles following me. So much so that I could not sit with her for more than half an hour thinking that while I had come for a pleasure trip , another five vehicles were on duty. We were always living on the edge.
The only person who was blissfully unaware of his surroundings was our five month old son who played when his moods allowed him and cried when he demanded attention.
Days passed off and before I knew it it was time for me to come back but i didnot know when. I was asked to be ready both mentally and with my baggage. Any time my flight tickets would come and I would be sent home.
Can't say that Iwas not happy though I felt guilty instantly. Apart from leaving behind my husband I thought of all the soldiers who were always on the fore front working towards a safe and secure India. They are the back bone of a force representing millions of people in India. The hardships that they have to go through is nothing compared to the mental tension they have to go through living away from their families and a life so unsure.
They are the brave Messiah of God whom we really need to salute for doing such a thankless and selfless job.
I came back a changed person. It taught me not to take things for granted in life.Today my husband has hung his uniform but looking back our whole tenure in the armed forces, it was an experience Iwould not forget in my life time. And I take this opportunity to salute all the men in uniform in what ever rank they are .....where ever they are because they are the actual heros of our country. Jai Hind.