Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Surprise Call.......!!!!!

The day started on a usual note for Maria.....5.10am the alarm goes.....a quick walk around her area....her first morning cup of tea that she so much looks forward to....a time that she spends alone.....preparing herself for a hectic day ahead....sometimes going back in time recalling those happy moments and at times also remembering some terrible memories that she brushes off in a hurry.....she sits in her balcony looking up towards the sky......would it be a sunny day ???? would it rain????.....all those thoughts in her alloted ten minutes and then its all over. The morning rush starts.....and by evening back home exhausted !!!! But last evening ended on a different note.....the ring of her cell phone brought her the biggest was a friend that she lost touch with.....they talked and she was actually touched when he took out his diary and read out what he wrote about her in the past months.....she was surprised to see that he thought her worthy enough to write about her and give her space in his diary.....or even remembered her in those long past months.....and as they keep the phone,promised to keep in touch now....she truely beleives in the saying that its not important how many waves are there in the sea.....what is important is how many waves touches the shore.....
And I believe in this too....we can have many friends in our life time......what is how many of them touches your heart....!!!!! I thank all my dear friends who have stood by me and have made a difference in my life.