Friday, May 1, 2009

The " Bouquet "........

The day dawned.......she felt something wonderful would happen today, she didn't know why she had this feeling and what it meant....except for the fact that it was her day off from work. The day started as usual.....the morning chores......the send offs.....and then the house was quiet. She sat in her favorite corner in the balcony, coffee mug in her hand and as she looked across the horizon, she recalled those wonderful days with fond memories. Of late , this has been happening very often. The phone ringing behind woke her from her reverie and once again , it was back to the present. A lot of matters to pay attention more moments to spare for herself.
The day passed off into an evening and yet she waited with anticipation......may be nothing would happen but the feeling lingered on.......and as dusk fell around her, the doorbell rang. There stood the delivery boy with a bouquet of roses.......freshly plucked from the garden....the most beautiful roses as if specially picked.......she stared at the bouquet through misty eyes ....speechless.....and thought "He bothered to send this." She watched the delivery boy leave and managed to mumble a thank you. The moment was etched on her mind forever and held close to her heart ever since.
"Grandma, where are you ".....she heard her grandchild saying. She quickly closed the box, and locked her cupboard. Over the years, the dried up roses still holds a special place........."