Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diwali.....The festival of lights.

This is one of my favorite festival.....Diwali .......the festival of lights. And here i often remember a hymn we learnt in school.......It was written by Sri Rabindranath Tagore and it goes something like this........."amidst your numberless stars.....let me place my own little lamp.....In the dance of your festival of lights ......My heart will throb and my life will be one with your smile....."!
I wish we could burn more candles in our everyday life and spread the spirit of brotherhood among our selves . Lets hope the light of our lamp enlighten us in every way and we do away with all the walls that we built around us built bridges instead. Let each lamp that we place in our homes signify the smile that we want to bring on every smileless face we see around us.And lets not wait for the next diwali to light another lamp.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Pledge of a Friend.........taken from a diary

"I met you as a stranger

took you as a friend

hope we meet in paradise

where friendship never ends......"

"These are a few lines that often comes to my mind when i think of you my friend......we met by chance.......and the day i extended my hand of friendship to you......i had also pledged that i would try to be a good friend to you......i offer a frienship where i don't judge you .......but i try to see from your point of view......where after a fight we could still hold our hands and smile into each other......where in spite of no time we created time...... where other practicalities of life will never effect the genuinity of our friendship.....where in spite of the distance between us .........it could only take a second to reach when we were needed......where everything comes with an unconditional tag......where many a questions had no answers.......inspite of the fact that i know where i stand in your scale of friendship . I write this in my diary today and the day when i am gone, my dear friend, please know you meant a great deal to me. Thankyou for walking into my life...... I have tried to be a good friend to you and for all the times that i have failed you ....may i be forgiven."

This was a confession of a friend in his diary.........Well friendship sure is a very powerful relationship.....and i beleive in this institution very strongly because a friend is a gift from God and lucky are those who find a good friend in this fast paced world. A friend who knows you through and through and loves you all the same......unconditionally.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Freedom.....A bleak future

Just as we were recovering from the series of bomb blasts that shook the capital city and our country on the whole .....another went off and shook Tripura and the whole north eastern region .....and with it came the red alert all over the region. Suddenly the festive moods of the people fizzled off and even the coming of Goddess Durga could not lift up the spirit of the people in Shillong. Adding to it the rains were pouring non stop. People are suddenly apprehensive to hang around in crowded places......late nights were suddenly thought twice......young boys and girls were given dead lines to be home....the men in uniform were extra vigilant and in doing their duty were also constantly reminding the general public that all is not well in and around us.
I was in the capital on the 27th of sept. when another bomb blast shook the city where among the many , a young boy of 9 yrs lost his life.And I asked myself "did the young lad know that today would be the last day of his life when he got up in the morning......did he know that the hugg that he was getting from his mother was the last one.....did he know that he was having his last meal.....did he know that he was sleeping in his bed for the last time ......??????" There were no answers. what about all those people who have lost their loved ones ???? Its heart breaking when in a country like ours where Independence Day is celebrated with such pomp and show , that we are actually not free to even breathe the morning fresh air without thinking what the day has in store for us......as my friend rightfully said " when we get up in the train we don't know whether we will reach the destination?????" Sad !!!! How long will we be chained like this by our thoughts and fears?????? when will we walk with our head held high ???? When will we break free from all the narrow domestic walls that we built around us ??? When will we start judging a man for what he is ....and not by his caste, creed or relegion???? Is it fair to bring up our children in a world where we are plagued with such hipocrisy and where his life is so uncertain...????? And most important of all, will he know the true meaning of freedom which now looks so bleak.....???? Its a long road to freedom....a winding steep and high.......but when you walk in love with the wind on your wings and cover the earth with the song you sing .......the miles fly by...... (thats a little song that i learnt back in school).....and today i fully understand its meaning ......will our children.....the future of tomorrow..... get to cross all the miles and the stones that comes on their way and turn them into MILESTONES.....?????