Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A 2008 Round Up........

2008 ended sooner than i realized.....and today as i sit recalling the days gone by ....i realized it has been a year where i have learnt a lot ...both at work and in personal life.......At work i faced a challenge that i really didn't know how i will be tackling it. One fine morning i go to the hospital ( my old work place -Dawki) and i suddenly hear both my senior colleagues were being transfered out......and i was left to take charge over the whole PHC area. Things happened so fast the before i knew i was briefed about the work , papers were being signed and taking over charge was done.....my colleauges were given their Send Off party and i had four sub centres, 19 villages, 15 field staff, 17 hospital staff, a pile of file work, a number of health programmes , some already started , some which i had to conduct..... and with no knowledge what so ever of running a Health Centre. All i knew was i had studied dentistry.....not how to run a PHC . I had no time to sit and brood over the happenings around me ......i needed to act and i needed to act fast. My other dentist friends told me just take leave and come home since it was not a job of a dentist to run a PHC......easier said than done but how could I do that ??? My conscience would not allow me . I had to do it ....at least try to do . Well i did. i sat down to do some home work first and by the end of the month i at least knew where i stood......and then slowly the programmes started ......the pulse polio prog. , the malarial spray prog, RKS, etc. and before i knew days passed into weeks .....weeks rolled into months and after about 8mths i had a new releiver who came and joined me and i handed over charge of the PHC happily to the new doctor. Nooo!!! i don't miss it nor do i want to be in his shoes. Am just happy taking care of the 32 little pearls. But it had given me a satisfaction that i atleast didn't turn away from my resposiblities and no doubt , i did learn a lot in those few months.It was a good experience.
Than came the biggest tragedy of my life......my father suffered a second stroke and this time never to recover .......it was the worst two months.....a period where i had to take some crucial decisions.....a time when the doctors told me the harsh truth......as they kept on reminding me " you are a doctor too ......you should understand and know the fact." Of course i am a doctor but here it was a daughter they were telling all those facts about and it was about her father. Not easy to digest ......inspite of knowing everything. My father finally left us. Though i was prepared mentally knowing his condition, he went when i was least expecting .......but he went in peace which made me happy for him. But his death hit me slowly when all the relatives left and things were quiet.......and till today i don't think i could come in terms with his death...... and it was with the loss of my father i started my very first blog......"Life is a Journey."
2008 also brought me in touch with my old school and college friends. It was lovely since they made an effort to come all the way to Shillong to meet me. I was touched. For few seconds we were like loss for words and silence said it all.
We parted with a promise to keep up with all the news specially now with the net, i suppose it would be much easier.
2008 was a year of friends. Especially after i started blogging......i have come to know many wonderful people. And today am reminded of a lovely saying ......." there are no strangers in this world .......only friends ready to be met "
And finally as the year was ending, i get my transfer order and before 2008 ended i joined my new place of work .....well things did happen last year.......some good ...some not so good ......but all is well that ends well!!!
Looking forward for a fruitful 2009. Keep Smiling !!!!