Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As I sit on the beach , I watch the waves, big and small .......rise and fall tirelessly.......some reaching the shore, some not touching at all. And it reminded me how closely related it is with life.Our life is a vast sea....our heart is the sea shore and our friends are like the waves that come up in our lifes. It does not matter how many waves rise in the sea........what matters is how many of them touches the sea shore......I treasure all the waves that have touched my sea shore and couldn't thank God enough for one big wave that has swept me over.....the reason why I am here today.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mystical Sea.......

I always say that among all God' creation, I love most is the the Sea . I love its multiple character
.....I find it gentle, I find it rough ......not withstanding any thing when its angry.......I find it passionate , I find it mystical......I find it magical. I love to feel its waves come and caress my feet, I love to anticipate and see what the waves bring with it , each time it touches the shore. I love the smell of the sea breeze......I love to feel it as it sweeps over my body and mind. I love the sound of it as it rings in my ears. And I am always in awe of its vastness, often wondering what a big storage house it is. By the way do mermaids exists???? I am a fish and I belong to the water sign . Does it make me a mermaid ???? Hmmm!!! wondering....?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Train........

A phone ringing.... broke the silence of the room......and also woke me up from my day dreams.The caller.....My Friend. Was told that the train just entered the station.....Little did i know that the train I heard passing just now was the same train ......but near as we were, we could not meet. Very rightfully said was the nearest you could get!!! Call it destiny or may be the time was not right. I stood in the balcony as I heard the whistle blow......the train was slowly moving out of the station and I silently bid you Good Bye as I wipe away the mist in my eyes.